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Diversified Corporation Management
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About Us

Our Story

Cube of Puzzle

Our company’s name, DCM, has two meanings to it.

The first abbreviation is “Diversified Corporation Management.

There will be many changes in the business world in future, and it is necessary to correspond with the change flexibly in the future company management. Our goal is to create a better company administration.

The second abbreviation of DCM is “Dream Company of Magokoro.” 

DCM started when four fellow workers decided to create a company where everyone can materialize their dream job. 

We always think of our clients’ situation and correspond sincerely. The President of DCM merged these two fundamental ideas and created a company names DCM Creations. 

Our Field

Employment Agency / Human Resources Consulting

Puzzle Blocks

People Strategy

Ever since the establishment of our company, the core of movement is on temporary and permanent personnel service. We call our main duty, “People Strategy,” so it is not only about introducing job, but we also deal more deeply with company’s personnel strategy. DCM aims to provide meticulous service for our clients and suggests the most suitable method at all time. 

Sincerity in Customer Service

With the fundamental of “People Strategy,” we continuously provided various services and satisfy our clients’ demand. As a result, we are undertaking all kinds of consulting and outsourcing as well as the company’s administers to help with the management service, leading to expansion of their business.

Our company is the service we give and the quality of the service is all depended on the person. To be able to satisfy clients’ demand flexibly at all time, we experiment new practice in a shrine, rather than applying the existing method of service. 

Everyone’s success, business expansion, and to see your smile is what DCM is hoping for.

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Our services

People Strategy

Bilingual / Non-Bilingual positons
  • Permanent / Direct Hire Staffing Service
  • Temporary to Hire Staffing Service
  • Temporary Staffing Service

Fundamental Human Resource Strategy

Company Registration/ Formation Business Launch Process Management Support Service
  • Human Resources Consulting
  • Human Resources Outsourcing

Quality Management Strategy

Company-Wide Management Strategy
  • Company Registration/ Formation
  • Business Launch Process
  • Management Support Service
Consulting/Outsourcing Services
  • Human Resources Consulting/ Outsourcing
  • Payroll Process Outsourcing
  • Accounting Outsourcing
  • Safety Management (OSHA) Consulting